Other work

Essays in the Air

If you like what you see, you may also be interested in another of my websites, Essays in the Air. Essays in the Air gives a better indication of my critical writing and is also the forum for short fictional works, memoir and travel writing.

Time Signatures

Alternatively please visit Time Signatures. Timesignatures is my most abstract and hidden online work. It’s medium is travel writing, though, as I hope you will see, it is much more than the average travel blog. It is an attempt to render experience as it really is: multi-faceted, filtered through writing and communication, adopting different registers and adapted to the usages of different audiences. It’s basic premise is that we are constituted through and by communication, in my case, and in the case of this trip is which I was mainly on my own, mainly through writing. The writing was not ancillary to the trip, or a symptom of it. To all intents and purposes, especially now, as the precise details fade from my mind – the writing was the trip. It is my journey.

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